[FALSE] The “#worldwar3 #tni #indonesia #russia #ruski #ukr #ukraine” Video

UNRELATED to Ukraine’s current condition (2022). FACT: the shared video contains radio chat between Chechen leader with Colonel Ivan Savin, also known as “Alik” as mentioned in the chatter, from The Battle of Grozny in 1994.

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CATEGORY: False Context.

SOURCE: TikTok, https://archive.ph/hKjf8 (backup archive).

NARRATIVE: “#worldwar3 #tni #indonesia #russia #ruski #ukr #ukraine”.


Based on 7 Types of Mis- and Disinformation by First Draft News, classified as “False context: When genuine context is shared with false contextual information.” [1]

The SOURCE shared a video which contains radio chat between Chechen leader with Colonel Ivan Savin, also known as “Alik” as mentioned in the chatter, from The Battle of Grozny in 1994 with false contextual information, which has caused FALSE conclusion.

Video Verification

Video with correct context, “Saint” on Jul 9, 2012: “Alik. Let’s maybe somehow, before it’s too late, take the guys, Alik. Don’t do it. Do not do it. No need. In any case, Alik, understand, and you will perish and I will perish. What will be the point of this? Understand it yourself. Who will benefit from this? We’re not going to benefit from this, you understand? If we… I see you in battle, you understand, well, you’re excellent—not excellent, I won’t spare you, just like you me, you understand? You’d better come to me as a guest, Alik. Take the guys away, don’t, don’t… Have pity on their mothers, pity on them. Take the guys away, Alik, give the command. (On the photo: Shamil Basayev, commander of a Chechen fighter detachment, during the seizure of a hospital in Budyonnovsk, June 19, 1995)” [2]

Video with English translation, “DirtyWar202 Joker” at Jan 7, 2017 on YouTube: “131st Maikop Motor-Rifle Brigade In Grozny” [3]

Other Related References

The New York Times: “The Chechens took up positions in the depot buildings behind the railway station, the post office to the right and the five-storey building opposite. Over the radio they called on the Russians to surrender, warning them they were surrounded, but the Russians replied they had their orders and would not. Ryabtsev was standing under the arch of the railway budding when a bullet nicked his uniform. It was early evening, still fight, he remembered. It began slowly, with sniper fire and machine-guns rattling from nearby buildings. As the Russians answered with the big guns mounted on their armoured vehicles, the Chechens blasted them from the side with rocket-propelled grenades.” [4]

PopularMilitary on Feb 15, 2017: “In the 1994, the Russian Army invaded the Chechen capital of Grozny in the opening months of what would later be known as the First Chechen War. A battle between the Russian government and separatists in Chechnya, the war caused horrific destruction of life and property. In the opening hours of what would be the first Battle of Grozny, the commanders of the 131st Maikop Motor-Rifle Brigade (which was two battalions strong) was hailed by a Chechen militant commander, who begged the Russians to rethink their push into the city with tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry.” [5]

Reddit discussion on Dec 15, 2013: “I stumbled upon a youtube video about the Chechen war: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz9o9wpn6fw (warning: war scenes – might be disturbing to some). The video starts with a radio conversation between two people, and the translation provided in the comments goes as follows:…” [6] (video NO longer accessible).


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