[FALSE] “France arrests a Malian child and urinates on him in public”

UNRELATED to France and Mali. NOT a real occurrence, the shared video is an art performance titled “Piedra” by Regina Jose Galindo which was held in Brazil in 2013.

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CATEGORY: False context.

SOURCE: Facebook, https://archive.ph/sZVIo (backup archive).

NARRATIVE: “What kind of world is this? 😞
The worst scandal of the twenty-first century !!! The inhuman, degrading and shocking scene of two men and a woman urinating on an African child, in one of the French villages in Mali. The child completely stripped of his clothes, lying face down on the ground, while a number of the French people, whose country has always cracked the world with the sophistication of their civilization, watch that obscene and filthy, abnormal act, without any sign of intervention from any of them !!! That was after the state of Mali expelled the French ambassador. The French took revenge by arresting a Malian child in a French village and urinating on him in public. Africa must wake up… We regret the ugliness of the scene.
Where are the advocates for human rights… where are their voices ???”


Based on 7 Types of Mis- and Disinformation by First Draft News, classified as “False context: When genuine context is shared with false contextual information.” [1]

The SOURCE shared a video of an art performance titled “Piedra” by Regina Jose Galindo with false contextual information, which has caused FALSE conclusion.

Video Verification

Related to “Piedra” art performance, josé galindo’s website: “My body remains immobile, covered in coal, like a stone. Two volunteers and someone from the audience urinate on my stone body.” [2]

Other Related References

Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics: “Piedra (2013) began on a cool afternoon this past January at the Hemispheric Institute’s 8th Annual Encuentro in São Paulo, Brazil. Audience members broke out their cameras and recording devices and eagerly awaited Galindo’s next action or gesture. The unmoving body fused with the lush natural landscape while we continued waiting and documenting. At the ten minute mark, a male-bodied member of this amorphous throng that encircled the artist stepped into the center and strutted towards the body. Then, he unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis, and began to urinate on the stone-like lump of a woman.” [3]

GUGGENHEIM: “Stone (Piedra), 2013” [4]

regina josé galindo: “Regina José Galindo (1974) is a visual artist and poet, whose main medium is performance. Galindo lives and works in Guatemala, using its own context as a starting point to explore and accuse the ethical implication of social violence and injustices related to gender and racial discrimination, as well as human rights abuses arising form the endemic inequalities in power relations of contemporary societies. Galindo is, in Loris Romano words, “an artist who pushes herself beyond her own limits, trough performances which are radical, unsettling and ethically discomfiting”.” [5]


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