[FALSE] “ghost was exercising after 7 pm”

NOT because of exercising ghost. The equipment was greased too much, the reason for why it continues to move after gets a nudge.


(English version of “[SALAH] Hantu Nge-GYM (Olahraga) di Taman Jhansi, India Karena Tidak Ada Orang Selama Corona” https://bit.ly/2MZjqUJ).



Misleading Content.



The “Bharat Poddar” account (facebook.com/bharat.poddar.1460, archive.md/AnPpO), shared 17.753 times per screenshot was made.

https://archive.md/KYGNt (backup archive).



“Weird things happening at deserted Japani park rohini, (due to corona fear, nobody visits park) ghost was exercising after 7 pm witnessed by full police team.”



(1) First Draft News: “MISLEADING CONTENT

Misleading use of information to frame an issue or individual”.

* The SOURCE shared a video of a too much greased equipment with false caption.

(2) Several related fact check articles,

* India Today: “However, there is an explanation to the machine moving in this manner. After the video went viral, police officers went to the park to assess the situation. One of the police officers stated that there is no paranormal activity, instead the machine has been overly greased which is why it continues moving like this.”

* Hindustan Times: “They wrote that someone used excessive amount of grease in the machine and gave it a nudge. Due to the lubricant, it started moving by itself for a few seconds. Some miscreant took a video and shared it on social media. During investigation, police tried the same thing and recorded it too.”



(1) firstdraftnews.org: “Fake news. It’s complicated.” http://bit.ly/2qYG8Rshttp://archive.md/eSihu (backup archive).

(2) indiatoday.in: “Viral video of ghost exercise machine in Jhansi shocks Twitter. Reason will leave you in splits” https://bit.ly/2AAITB5, https://archive.md/PBB5C (backup archive).

(3) hindustantimes.com: “Seen the viral video of outdoor gym equipment moving by itself? Jhansi Police reveals the reason behind it” https://bit.ly/2UKngVV, https://bit.ly/2YA1llj (backup archive).