[FALSE] “Nigerian boys roasted to death”

NOT a real person. The image is from a diorama in Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, a theme park in Hengqin, Zhuhai, China.




False context.



http://bit.ly/2QzFC9h / http://archive.md/tdsnx (backup archive), a post in “Nairaland” forum site.



“Nigerian Yahoo boys roasted to death in Mexico (graphic Pics) – Crime – Nairaland”

Complete narrative/claim on the URL above.



(1) http://bit.ly/2qYG8Rs, First Draft News: “FALSE CONTEXT

When genuine content is shared with false contextual information”

* The SOURCE shared photo of a diorama in Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, a theme park in Hengqin, Zhuhai, China.

* The SOURCE added twisted narrative of shared photos which has caused false conclusion.

(2) Several sources of uploaded video by visitors:

* http://bit.ly/37hnszU “galaxychimelong” account (instagram.com/galaxychimelong/).



(1) Wikipedia: “Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a theme park situated in Hengqin, Zhuhai, People’s Republic of China. It is designed by PGAV Destinations.[2] The park broke ground on 28 November 2010[3] and soft-opened on 28 January 2014.[4] The grand opening occurred on 29 March that year. The first phase of the park cost RMB 10 billion to build.[3] It is part of the Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort, which aims to become the “Orlando of China”.[2] According to TEA and AECOM, it is the 10th most visited theme park in the world in 2018, with 10.83 million visitors.[1]”

More @ http://bit.ly/2QdJ8Y3.

(2) Google Earth: “长隆海洋王国

Theme park in Zhuhai, China”

More @ http://bit.ly/2ZEEYLE.

(3) JawaPos.com: “Utilizing the Yandex.com site, Jawa Pos found a similar video uploaded to the Instagram Chimelong Instagram account on October 31, 2018. The account name refers to tourist attractions in Hengqin, Guangdong, China. You can see it on bit.ly/GalaxyChimelong.”

Google Translate, more @ http://bit.ly/2QbT2t5 / http://archive.md/caZtz (backup archive).