[FALSE] “these are the bodies of Palestinian Muslims”

MISLEADING, UNRELATED to Palestine. FACT: the shared video is part of the “Calonarang” performance, held in Bali, Indonesia, on October 30 2022.

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CATEGORY: Misleading content.

SOURCE: X/Twitter, https://archive.md/qNeDL (backup archive).

NARRATIVE: “To say, these are the bodies of Palestinian Muslims, but if you feel them, you will see the bodies of the entire Ummah.

These corpses belong to the callous conscience of the so-called Islamic countries and the rulers chained to Western slavery.”


Based on the 7 Types of Mis- & Disinformation by First Draft News, categorized as “Misleading content: Misleading use of information to frame an issue or individual.” [1]

The SOURCE shared a video with false contextual information which has caused a MISLEADING conclusion, FACT: UNRELATED to Palestine, the shared video is part of the “Calonarang” performance, held in Bali, Indonesia, on October 30 2022.

Video Verification

One of video sources with correct context, Punapibali on Oct 31 2022: “Calonarang performance at Mario Tabanan Building, Sunday (30/10). đź“˝@baliklasikchannel”. [2]

Other Related References

Suaradewata.com on Oct 30 2022: “The Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI) DPD Tabanan Regency collaborated with the Mandala Suci Foundation to hold a Calonarang event containing 108 watangan or suspended animation people. The event which was held at the I Ketut Maria Arts Building on Sunday (30/10/2022) received an extraordinary response from the public. …” [3]

detikBali on Oct 31 2022: “Calonarang’s dramaturgy staged the play ‘Katundung Ratna Manggali’ involving 108 watangans or corpses. Hundreds of these watangans are sisya or students of Pasraman Agung Mandala Suci. During the Calonarang stage, they are treated like dead people. Including wrapping using gauze or kafan. (Photo: Special)” (photo description) [4]

BALIPOST.com on December 23 2021: “Ratna Mangali is a beloved woman who was dumped in the story of Calonarang. Calonarang theater performances in Balinese society always feature this beautiful woman in a number of episodes. The only daughter of a widow from Dirah Village is said to lament the romance of a life full of sorrow, physically and mentally abused. …” [5]


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