[FALSE] Picture of “Stay home in India”

UNRELATED to India’s current situation (COVID-19 lockdown). Published on 2011, picture of crowd watching rescure effort in Nairobi (Kenya) after a building collapsed.


(English translation of “[SALAH] Karantina Wilayah Di India” https://bit.ly/3bBZW2E).



False context.



“Saida Online” (facebook.com/saidanews) Page, shared 4.8K times per screenshot was made.

http://archive.md/JcqKd (backup archive).



“#Stay _ home in india 🤣” (Translated by Facebook).



(1) First Draft News: “FALSE CONTEXT

When genuine content is shared with false contextual information”

More @ http://bit.ly/2qYG8Rs / http://archive.md/eSihu (backup archive).

* The SOURCE shared an image of crowd watching rescure effort in Nairobi (Kenya) after a building collapsed, previously published on Jun 14 2011.

* The SOURCE added false narrative which has caused wrong conclusion.

(2) Related picture, Getty Images: “A crowd watches rescue efforts after a building collapsed on June 14, 2011 in Nairobi. At least two workers were killed and 14 others are missing on June 14 after a six-story building under construction collapsed in the Embakassi neighborhood of Nairobi. AFP PHOTO/SIMON MAINA (Photo credit should read SIMON MAINA/AFP via Getty Images)”

Photo @ “A crowd watches rescue efforts after a b” https://bit.ly/2xz6Jvk / http://archive.md/sArSH (backup archive).



(1) The San Diego Union-Tribune @ Jun 14 2011: “NAIROBI, Kenya — A six-story building under construction in Kenya’s capital collapsed on Tuesday, killing at least two people and leaving 14 missing, officials said. An architect said the building was being constructed illegally because it wasn’t up to standard.”

More @ “Kenya: 2 dead, 14 missing after building collapse” https://bit.ly/3ayHfNb / http://archive.md/Jg13N (backup archive).

(2) Liputan6.com: “The photo that claimed residential density amid the implementation of lockdown in India is incorrect. The object in the photo is a crowd watching a rescue attempt at a collapsed building on June 14, 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya.”

Google Translate Chrome extension, more @ “Fact Check: Hoaks Photo of Building Density Density in India During Lockdown” https://bit.ly/3dI2Q7Y / http://archive.md/QH8Wh (backup archive).