[FALSE] “Death due to #COVID19: Wrapped in a bag”

NOT a body bag. Portable Isolation Chamber (PIC), the medical apparatus in the picture, is a mobile containment unit used to transport highly contagious or high-risk patients.




False context.



Post by “Developing Pakistan” Page (facebook.com/developingPak), shared 440 times per screenshot was made.

http://archive.md/7fLmU (backup archive).



“Death due to #COVID19:

Wrapped in a bag, can’t be bathed, only you on the bag. Can’t bring the body home, the family can’t watch unless it’s buried.

Do you still think this is not serious? Go hang out tonight, go out, go back to hometown, go to travel.

#CoronaVirusPakistan #CoronavirusPandemic #CoronaVirusUpdate #CoronavirusOutbreak #Coronavirus”



(1) First Draft News: “FALSE CONTEXT

When genuine content is shared with false contextual information”

More @ http://bit.ly/2qYG8Rs.

* The SOURCE shared a photo of a person inside Portable Isolation Chamber (PIC).

* The SOURCE added false narrative which has caused false conclusion.

(2) Several related articles,

* Securotec: “Recommended for use in disaster medicine, the PIC Portable Isolation Chamber is a mobile containment unit used to transport highly contagious or high-risk patients.”

More @ “Adult Pic – Portable Isolation Chamber” https://bit.ly/2Uv3kFF / http://archive.md/d5Nom (backup archive).

* ISOVAC: “CAPSULS™ is a portable patient isolation unit (PIU) which prevents particulate (biological and radiological) cross-contamination between the patient and the external environment.”

More @ “CAPSULS™ Patient Isolation Unit” https://bit.ly/2J5yMFg / http://archive.md/XxG0T (backup archive).



Several example of real world usage,

* The New York Times: “Paramedics transporting a suspected coronavirus patient to a hospital in Rome on Monday.Credit…Nadia Shira Cohen for The New York Times”

More @ “Italy, Pandemic’s New Epicenter, Has Lessons for the World” https://nyti.ms/2QCaerG / http://archive.md/XJHKI (backup archive).

* European Parliament Liaison Office in the United Kingdom: “Miguel Pajares, who contracted the deadly Ebola virus, being transported to the hospital upon his arrival in Spain. The Roman Catholic priest later died due to the disease. ©BELGA/AFP PHOTO/SPANISH DEFENSE MINISTRY/INAKI GOMEZ”

More @ “Ebola: from local outbreak to global epidemic” https://bit.ly/2UdfKmE / http://archive.md/wip/b5qep (backup archive).