[FALSE] “Mosque Imam in Saudi Arabia Taken Down by Force for Criticizing the Government”

2018 incident. NOT because of criticizing the government, the person in the video was taken down from the pulpit because he was NOT the official Friday sermon. NOT being sentenced to be hanged, the mentally ill person was handed back to the family for treatment and care.

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CATEGORY: False context.

SOURCE: Facebook – sharing video from TikTok, https://archive.ph/WyXiU (backup archive).


“The imam of a mosque in Saudi Arabia after saying that at this time in terms of religion the government has FAILED in its government, the government has now become the Agent of America and Israel”

“After speaking directly, the officers forcibly took him down from the pulpit and sentenced him to be hanged”

“Also in Saudi Arabia it has been made a law that when the imams of the haram mosques (IN MEKAH) and in Medina convey their right-2 (TRUTH) to criticize the government then they will be suspended (SENTENCED TO DEATH)”

(Google Translate, translated from Malay).


Based on 7 Types of Mis- and Disinformation by First Draft News, classified as “False context: When genuine context is shared with false contextual information.” [1]

The SOURCE shared a video of a 2018 incident of a person that was taken down from the pulpit because he was NOT the official Friday sermon with false contextual information, which has caused a FALSE conclusion.

Video Verification

A clarification article with an identical image from the shared video, Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni on March 3 2018: “The official spokesman, Major Hussain Al-Qahtani, said: “A reference to the video clip circulating on social media, in which an elderly person appears on the pulpit of a mosque and utters incoherent terms and was taken down by the worshipers and one of the security men. It turned out that the incident occurred in a mosque in Yanbu, as it turned out that He who ascended the pulpit – a citizen in his seventh decade of life – suffers from mental disorders, has a medical record in a specialized hospital, and his condition requires continuous follow-up, and he was handed over to his family to complete his treatment and care.” [2]

Other Related References

Sayidati on March 5 2018: “Worshipers in a mosque in Yanbu governorate were surprised when a person ascended the pulpit of the mosque before the official preacher entered the mosque on Friday 14/6/1439 AH, and he delivered a sermon before the worshipers tried to force him to go down.” [3]

turnbackhoax.id on March 11 2018: “Official spokesperson of Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Madinah Abdulmajid bin Ghaleb bin Mohammedi said, “this is what happened at Al-Jabriya mosque in Yanbu Al-Bahr, the mosque administration in Yanbu governorate reported that at 12:35 pm, a mentally disabled person attempted to deliver the sermon at Al-Jabriya Mosque. Competent authorities immediately pulled him down, and then Friday prayers and sermons were held by the official Khatib of the mosque.” [4]


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