[FALSE] Photograph of a Syrian child sleeping among the graves of his parents

In Saudi Arabia, NOT Syria. The child is a model of a photo, not because of the loss of his parents as mentioned in the narrative.

More @ https://bit.ly/3auHEkJ.


在沙特阿拉伯,不是叙利亚。 孩子是照片的模特,并不是因为叙述中提到的失去父母的缘故。(Google Translate, https://bit.ly/32244Wn).

更多 @ https://bit.ly/3g4PeUe.

(Google Translate version of “[SALAH] Foto Anak Suriah Tidur di Antara Makam Orang Tuanya” https://bit.ly/3iNg2dh).