[FALSE] “two suns called Hunters Moon”

NOT Hunters Moon, natural phenomenon of sunlight reflection every 139 years as a result of a convergence with Jupiter.


(English version of “[SALAH] “dua matahari Lunar Hunter”” https://bit.ly/2YW47mE).



False context.



The “Acharyaa Monika Kumar” (facebook.com/ACHARYAMONIKAA / https://bit.ly/3gAi9zZ) account, shared 105K times per screenshot was made.

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“The Miracle has happened yesterday . USA and CANADA saw two suns. This is called as Hunters Moon.. Due to change of orbit the sun sets and moon rises at the same time with both being opposite to each other at a particular angle or degree moon reflects the sun so bright that it almost feels like another sun.
Effects stays for couple of days”.



(1) First Draft News: “FALSE CONTEXT

When genuine content is shared with false contextual information”

* The SOURCE added false narrative, associating with “hunters moon”, which has caused false conclusion.

(2) Related fact check article,

* Snopes @ Nov 9 2015: “A Hunter’s Moon doesn’t create the illusion of two suns, isn’t a miracle, and occurs annually.

One of the most reliable markers of a story later fabricated to fit an existing photograph is earlier publication of an identical picture. In this case, both photographs of a “Hunter’s Moon” were published to an Arabic-language message board on 13 October 2015 (prior to the year’s Hunter’s Moon) with a markedly different explanation of their origins (roughly translated as follows):

Pictures of a strange phenomenon broadcast in Canada illustrate the emergence of a Shamseen sky in Canada, England, China, and Russia. An astronomer said that this phenomenon is very normal and is a result of a convergence with Jupiter and the reflection of sunlight back to Earth. This phenomenon occurs every 139 years.”

* arabtvrl.com @ Okt 13 2015: “emergence of the sun in the sky of Canada, England, and China in a rare global phenomenon.
In a strange phenomenon broadcast by a Canadian private channels to photograph shows the appearance of Chamsine sky Canada, England, China and Russia, he said a spokesman for the body of astronomy that this is a very natural phenomenon is a result of the convergence of Jupiter with the earth is reflected sunlight on it, suggesting the inhabitants of the land there Chamsine football ground and this is normal
too He is not aware of any danger to the inhabitants of the planet. This phenomenon takes place every 139 years and is called the astronomical phenomenon which takes place every half-century century”

(3) Another related article,

* Universe Today @ Jun 3 2015: “If you live in the northern hemisphere, than stargazing during the early autumn months can a bit tricky. During certain times in these seasons, the stars, planets and Milky Way will be obscured by the presence of some very beautiful full moons. But if you’re a fan of moongazing, then you’re in luck.

Because it is also around this time (the month of October) that people looking to the night sky will have the chance to see what is known as a Hunter’s Moon. A slight variation on a full moon, the Hunter’s Moon has long been regarded as a significant event in traditional folklore, and a subject of interest for astronomers.”



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