[FALSE] Picture of “March to End COVID-19 in Cleveland today #EndCOVID”

UNRELATED to COVID-19. The shared picture is the image of “Cavs Parade 2016”, previously published on June 22, 2016.




False context.



“McNeil” (twitter.com/Reflog_18) account, shared 5,082 times per screenshot was made.

http://archive.md/DiK6p (backup archive).



“Nice weather has brought people out at the March to End COVID-19 in Cleveland today. #EndCOVID”.



(1) First Draft News: “FALSE CONTEXT

When genuine content is shared with false contextual information”

More @ http://bit.ly/2qYG8Rs / http://archive.md/eSihu (backup archive).

* The SOURCE shared an image of “Cavs Parade 2016”, previously published on Jun 22 2016.

* The SOURCE added false narrative which has caused wrong conclusion.

(2) Related image, Google Image: “The New York Times

‘2016 World Champions. Cleveland, Ohio.’

Jun 22, 2016

Basketball fans gathered on Wednesday in Cleveland to watch a parade celebrating the Cavaliers’ historic N.B.A. championship.”

https://bit.ly/2xzK8yA / http://archive.md/cwsnk (backup archive).

Direct URL to image file: https://bit.ly/2UJAm4Z / http://archive.md/ZYKLU (backup archive).



* The New York Times @ June 22, 2016: “CLEVELAND — The victory party commenced Sunday night after the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors, 93-89, to become the first team to rally from a three-games-to-one deficit to win the N.B.A. finals, and it has only grown in size and stature since.”

More @ “Cavaliers Parade Caps Off Cleveland Victory Party” https://nyti.ms/2UHLoYs / http://archive.md/cwsnk (backup archive).