[FALSE] “Alcoholic drinks can reduce the risk of infection from a coronavirus novel; COVID-19 “

The Saint’s Luke Hospital insists that improper drinking of alcohol can reduce the risk of being infected with the corona virus. Saint’s Luke Hospital also denied the circular from them.

CLAIM : ” After extensive research, our findings show that consuming alcoholic beverages may help reduce the risk of infection by the novel coronavirus; COVID-19. Vodka is the most recommended for drinking, cleaning and sanitizing.

“There are reports that say drinking alcohol can reduce the risk of COVID-19. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Saint Luke’s follows the guidelines of the CDC, “the hospital wrote as quoted from its official Facebook account on Thursday (4/12/2020).

Saint Luke’s Hospital says what people should do is adopt good hygiene habits. The recommended method, such as washing hands with soap regularly, avoid sick people, do not touch the face area, and close your mouth when coughing or sneezing.

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