[FALSE] “Attempted assassination of a Saudi prince”

Happened in Kuwait. NOT an attempted assasination, it was a PERFORMANCE of protection for VIP from assasination attempt.




False context.



WhatsApp broadcast message.



“Attempted assassination of a Saudi prince, today”



(1) http://bit.ly/2rhTadC / http://bit.ly/2qYG8Rs, First Draft News: “FALSE CONTEXT

When genuine content is shared with false contextual information”

* The SOURCE shared a video of a PERFORMANCE of protection for VIP from assasination attempt in KIF (Kuwait International Fair), on the Gulf Defense and Aviation Show.

* The SOURCE added false narrative which has caused false conclusion.

(2) Different point of view from coverage video by Al-Hadath News: “Gulf Defense and Aviation Show Imaginary military parade of the Emiri Guards”

Video @ http://bit.ly/2EHDqa0 / http://archive.md/mCPC7 (backup archive).

(3) Google Maps: “Caribou. كاريبو كافيه ارض المعارض مشرف coffee, Mishref Kuwait International Fair Branch”

More @ http://bit.ly/2Mgpfgi.



(1) Fact check article by An-Nahar: “The result: Although Al-Ghanim was already attacked on Tuesday, 10K1 2019, the video being broadcast is not related to this incident. What is seen in it is a military parade of the Emiri Guard Authority showing how to protect an important figure, as part of the activities of the Gulf Defense and Aviation Exhibition that was held at the exhibition grounds in Kuwait, from Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12 of it.”

Google Translate, more @ http://bit.ly/2ZaURJC / http://archive.md/jSz0t (backup archive).

* The version of disinformation checked by An-Nahar claimed the attack directed to Marzouq Al-Ghanim, the speaker of Kuwaiti National Assembly.

(2) Wikipedia: “Marzouq al-Ghanim (b. 3 November 1968, Abdullah Al-Salem, Kuwait) is the current speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, representing the second district. Al-Ghanim earned a BA in mechanical engineering and worked for Boubyan Petrochemicals before being elected to the National Assembly in 2006.[1] He is the son of Faiza Al-Kharafi. He was elected as the Speaker in 2013.[2]”

More @ http://bit.ly/2ZaVmU0 / http://archive.md/hVJMI (backup archive).

(3) Wikipedia: “An-Nahar (Arabic: النهار‎) (English translation: The Morning or The Day) is a leading Arabic-language daily newspaper published in Lebanon.”

More @ http://bit.ly/2tFUmf1 / http://archive.md/3LGuZ (backup archive).