[FALSE] “Case in Muazam Pahang”

Not in Pahang (Malaysia). According to investigation by Corpus Christi Police Department, the incident took place in Nuevo Leon (Mexico).




False context.



http://bit.ly/2Xd1f2a “Azura Azmi Azirah” account (facebook.com/azurabinti.gaujau.5).



“Kes dimuazam Pahang. Sabjek 1 pembantu rumah indon.baru sebulan kja. Sabjek telah ditangkap jam. 3.00ptg. Mangsa kanak kanak sedang di rawat dihospital.” (screenshot of a comment in Facebook).

“Ya allah senang hati aku…baru rasa lega…bila ne babi kena dpt….mw di ajar lgi bh ne saitan….harap2 la ank tu ok selamat nda apa2…klu ank ku kena bt mcm ne…ciap la kau…lebih dri tu lgi aku buat…😠😠😠” (narrative in the post).



(1) http://bit.ly/2rhTadC / http://bit.ly/2qYG8Rs, First Draft News: “FALSE CONTEXT

When genuine content is shared with false contextual information”

* The SOURCE shared a screenshot photo of a Facebook comment about child abuse video with false information.

(2) http://bit.ly/2Kp6ZjU / http://archive.md/lPh1E, CCPD Blotter: “COMMUNITY OUTREACH



On Thursday 11-07-19 the Corpus Christi Police Department received a video from several different sources showing a child being abused.

This video was posted on a local Facebook group and ultimately found its way to us. Since then we have actively attempted to identify the suspect, child, and location of the incident so that this incident can be addressed.

At this time all indications are that the incident did not occur in our jurisdiction and that it occurred in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. We have also received information that this incident may have happened over a year ago.

We are working to identify the specific location of occurrence in Mexico so that the Child Protective Services equivalent in Mexico can be notified, and an investigation can be performed.

We would like to thank all our community that have passed on invaluable information to assist us in this investigation.”

Also posted on Facebook @ http://bit.ly/2OcXuWd / http://archive.md/vEqf3 (backup archive)



(1) Google Maps: “Nuevo Leon


More @ http://bit.ly/2NMhsrY.

(2) http://bit.ly/34Y8zBg, Corpus Christi PD (twitter.com/CorpusChristiPD, verified account): “Child abuse Video update https://t.co/zgx9jPMdit?amp=1”.

(Page content copied to (2) in EXPLANATION section)

(3) CCPD Blotter: “Corpus Christi Police Officers received a copy of this video, which depicts a female assaulting a minor child. The child in the video appears to be a 2 or 3-year-old female. This video appeared in a local closed group on social media, but we are unsure if this video originated within the City of Corpus Christi.”

More @ http://bit.ly/32OmfNR / http://archive.md/a39Dr (backup archive).

(4) Google Maps: “Corpus Christi Police Department

321 John Sartain St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, United States”

More @ http://bit.ly/2pgyoxc.

(5) Google Maps: “Muadzam Shah


More @ http://bit.ly/2NN0ud2.

(6) Mirror: “Police hunting woman filmed crushing sobbing toddler with her backside

WARNING – UPSETTING CONTENT: Corpus Christi Police launched an investigation after receiving video of a suspected child abuse within the local community – but have now confirmed the incident took place in Mexico”

More @ http://bit.ly/2KnJuIc / http://archive.md/n1iDK (backup archive).

(7) Report by Yo (Peerapon Anutarasoat, facebook.com/peerapon.anutarasoat), Thailand Fact Checker, our partner @ APAC Anti Hoax Network.

(8) http://archive.md/bHnff, backup archive of SOURCE.



Also published in English due to SOURCE is from outside of Indonesia.