[FALSE] Mobile Phone Burning while Charging using Powerbank in Emporium Mall

Not in Emporium Mall (Jakarta, Indonesia). The incident took place in “Marjane” hypermarket in Agadir (Morocco), was not caused by charging mobile phone using powerbank but by self-burning.




False context.



http://bit.ly/2NywVdX “Nutteloos🇮🇩” Twitter account (twitter.com/wostress), shared 125 times when screenshot was taken.



“Just happen In emporium mall charging mobile phone using power bank stored in pocket


(“Di mall emporium Brusan kejadian ngecas hp pake power bank taruh di kantong




(1) http://bit.ly/2rhTadC / http://bit.ly/2qYG8Rs, First Draft News: “FALSE CONTEXT

When genuine content is shared with false contextual information”

* The SOURCE shared a video of a burning man caused by self-burning, the incident took place in “Marjane” hypermarket in Agadir (Morocco).

* The SOURCE added false narrative which does not matched with the fact that has caused false premise.

(2) Morocco World News: “… The scene shocked Marjane shoppers in Agadir. According to local media outlets, a 30-year-old man set himself on fire at the main entrance of the supermarket Sunday, June 3 …”

More @ http://bit.ly/2JJgKtd / http://bit.ly/33fXlYs (backup archive).



(1) Wikipedia: “… Marjane (also Marjane holding) is a Moroccan hypermarket chain. It is a wholly owned by SNI, the holding company of king Mohammed VI. The chain opened its first supermarket, in 1990, in Rabat.[1] …”

More @ http://bit.ly/32d7CTM.

(2) https://www.marjane.ma/, “Marjane” hypermarket site.

(3) Google Maps:

* http://bit.ly/32cGi8c, “Emporium Pluit Mall”.

* http://bit.ly/2JJ3jth, “Marjane”.

* http://bit.ly/2qcZp50, “Marjane Agadir”.

(4) Previously distributed using false narrative that the incident took place in Dubai, AFP: “… AFP’s Rabat bureau reviewed the video footage contained in the misleading Facebook post and said it clearly depicted an incident in Morocco not Dubai.

The incident in the video happened in a Marjane superstore as the brand’s blue and yellow logo is clearly visible on the interior wall of the store.

Marjane is a Moroccan hypermarket chain and is only present in Morocco. …”

More @ http://bit.ly/2PJaXHI / http://archive.md/5OINj (backup archive).

(5) http://archive.md/9dh8Y, backup archive of SOURCE.

(6) http://bit.ly/32g8ck1, report (mention) to MAFINDO’s Twitter account (twitter.com/turnbackhoax).


Source: turnbackhoax.id @ http://bit.ly/34uNePx.

Also published in English due to previously distributed with false claim happened in Dubai, as described by REFERENCE (4).