[SALAH] Video Pemukulan Pelaku Terorisme yang Menyerang Masjid Christchurch Selandia Baru di Penjara

Video tersebut merupakan video lama. Kejadian sebenarnya dalam video tersebut ialah pemukulan terhadap pelaku terorisme Ottawa, Kanada bernama Carlos Larmond. Peristiwa dalam video itu terjadi pada tahun 2015.


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Sambutan hangat buat teroris yg membunuh muslim di masjid new zealand

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Penjelasan Lengkap:

Beredar sebuah video yang diklaim sebagai peristiwa pemukulan terhadap pelaku terorisme masjid Christchurch, Selandia Baru, Brenton Tarrant. Dalam narasi video tersebut disebutkan bahwa peristiwa dalam video diambil saat Tarrant baru masuk penjara dan dipukuli oleh narapidana lainnya.

Berdasarkan penelusuran, klaim video tersebut tidak benar. Sebab, video tersebut aslinya merupakan rekaman peristiwa pemukulan terhadap narapidana di penjara Ottawa, Kanada. Narapidana yang dihantam oleh narapidana lainnya dalam video merupakan Carlos Larmond, salah satu pelaku terorisme di Ottawa, Kanada. Kejadian tersebut pun terjadi di tahun 2015.

Dilansir dari dailymail.co.uk, pemukulan kepada Larmond terjadi lantaran yang bersangkutan memaksakan narapidana lain, yakni Terrence Wilson, untuk menjadi mualaf dan mengajaknya menjadi ‘tentara Islam’ di bawah naungannya. Atas pemaksaan tersebut, Wilson melawan dan terjadilah kerusuhan di penjara tersebut.

Berikut kutipan pemberitaan dari dailymail.co.uk:

[…] Dramatic video shows terror suspect being brutally beaten inside Canadian jail after ‘threatening to kill another inmate if he didn’t convert to Islam’

Dramatic video has emerged showing the moment a suspected terrorist was savagely beaten by inmates after allegedly threatening to kill one of them if he didn’t convert to Islam.

Footage from prison CCTV shows the moment Terrence Wilson, 24, and Michael Clarke, 29, begin attacking Carlos Larmond inside Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre.

According to Paolo Giancaterino, the lawyer representing Wilson, the attack took place on March 3 after Larmond began asking Wilson to become a ‘soldier of Islam’.

Giancaterino said Larmond began trying to convert Wilson several weeks before with friendly requests, but soon turned nasty when Wilson refused.

He said: ‘It first started with some friendly requests for him to convert to Islam and be a soldier of Islam, and my client was having none of it.

‘It escalated to the point where threats were starting to be made that my client would be killed in his cell if he didn’t convert.

‘That was followed up by another threat that my client’s family would be killed by someone on the outside if he didn’t convert.’

As the footage begins, Larmond can been seen on the lower right hand side of the frame talking with with somebody off camera in a communal area of the jail, known as a ‘range’.

Suddenly he is hit with a barrage of punches as Wilson – on the left without facial hair – and Clarke launch into their attack.

He is then knocked to the floor where he is kicked and stamped on, managing to make it back to his feet only for a moment before being hurled into a wall.

Back on the floor, Clarke then picks up a large crate used to store tea for the inmates before beating Larmond with it, as Wilson aims several brutal kick at his head.

Finally, Larmond manages to escape to a nearby doorway where correctional officers, who have been watching through the glass, escort him to safety.

He was then taken to hospital where he was treated for a black eye and a broken hand.

Wilson has now been sentenced to 60 days in jail for the assault, while Clarke is due to stand trial next week charged with assault with a weapon.

At the time of this attack Wilson was in custody awaiting charging for aggravated assault, which he had already admitted, according to the Ottawa Sun.

Clarke meanwhile is serving a 141-day sentence for assault causing bodily harm which he was convicted of last month.

He was also previously convicted of manslaughter and served six months in jail after a man was stabbed 18 times before being left for dead. His co-accused got 10 years.

Meanwhile Larmond was being held while awaiting trial for terrorism offences, alongside his twin brother Ashton and another man, Awso Peshdary.

Larmond was arrested in January after checking into Trudeau airport in Montreal while trying to board a plane to Frankfurt, while Ashton was arrested in Ottawa.

While details of the charges against them are not clear, authorities say their evidence stems from phone conversations the pair had between August 1 last year, and January 9.

Larmond is charged with participating in a terror group and travelling abroad to participate in terror activities, while Ashton is charged with facilitating terrorist activity, participating in  a terrorist group, and instructing people to carry out activity for a terrorist group.

The pair, who must be kept separate in jail according to a court order, have now been moved to a different facility. […]

Disebutkan pula, kejadian sebenarnya dari peristiwa tersebut ialah pada bulan Maret 2015. Sedangkan, video pemukulan tersebut viral dan menjadi pembahasan di berbagai media dunia pada bulan September 2015.

Bila mengacu kepada penjelasan tersebut, maka tidak mungkin video tersebut merupakan video pemukulan kepada Tarrant. Sebab, pelaku terorisme masjid Christchurch tersebut baru dibui di bulan Maret 2019. Dengan demikian, antara klaim narasi dengan konten video tidak bersambung.