(EDUKASI): Waspada SCAM Pesan Berantai Video Call Whatsapp

[SCAM] Beredar broadcast aktivasi feature video call dengan pesan: “*Wow ! New Whatsapp Video calling Version is leaked with HD quality and many More features, Click on below link to Download !*
? http://whatsapp.videocalling-invite.cf” (variasi URL berbeda dengan yang di gambar).

JANGAN membuka URL/link dan menyebarkan ulang karena ini SCAM, modus serupa dulu pernah muncul pada saat Whatsapp akan menambahkan feature “Voice call”: “And now, this time, it is the similar case about WhatsApp’s upcoming feature on video calling.

A new hoax message has been circulating around on various groups, which lure users with an invitation to activate video calling. The message is almost identical to the older voice call invitation.” http://www.deccanchronicle.com/…/beware-whatsapp-video-call…

Penting untuk diketahui Whatsapp TIDAK PERNAH mengontak kita via message: “First and foremost, be advised that we do not use WhatsApp to send messages to you. We also do not send you emails about chats, Voice Messages, payment, changes, photos or videos.

You will only receive an email from WhatsApp if you initiate a conversation with us via our dedicated email channels, such as one of our support channels.” https://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/general/28030005