WHB (WhatsApp Hoax Buster)

In order to help our volunteers combat hoaxes on WhatsApp, we have created WHB (WhatsApp Hoax Buster). Currently (version 1) is a Google Chrome extension, with the following capabilities :

  1. Automated Counter-Hoax : No human intervention needed.
  2. Plugs into our Yudistira engine : enter your Yudistira API key, to start using WHB.
  3. Machine to machine : no censorship solution.
  4. A public education opportunity : by doing counter-hoax, instead of censoring, we’re doing a public education effort.
  5. Early detection : by enabling people to report to our WHB installation, this in turn will enable us to quickly detect a new hoax before it went viral – and counter it.

Usage is easy, just download & install this in your Chrome browser, and then enter your Yudistira API key :

[ WhatsApp Hoax Buster v1.0.1 ]

[ WHB Quickstart Guide ]

To obtain your API key, feel free to [ Contact Us ]